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Windshield Repair or Replacement?

In-Shop Or Mobile Windshield Replacement?
Your windshield is an important component of your vehicle that plays a vital role in keeping you and your passengers safe while driving. If your windshield is damaged, it’s important to correctly assess whether it can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

If you have a small chip or crack, it may be possible to repair your windshield. However, if the damage is larger than a credit card, it is likely that the windshield will need to be replaced. Additionally, if the damage is in the driver’s line of vision or if the crack extends to the edge of the windshield, a replacement is necessary.

Replacing a windshield is an expensive repair, but it is necessary when safety is at risk. Your windshield contributes to the structural integrity of your vehicle and if it is compromised, it can put you and your passengers at risk in the event of an accident.

In conclusion, if you have minor damage to your windshield, it can usually be repaired. However, for larger chips or cracks, it is best to have your windshield replaced to ensure the safety of everyone in your vehicle.