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Windshield Glass design – Affected by A Car’s Make And Model


Often taken lightly, a car’s windshield may be one of the essential features in a vehicle. Many people do not know the engineering side that goes into creating that perfect windshield glass design. It is important to note that windshields are not created or designed equal; although a majority are.

The only thing that can be said to be similar in all car windshield design is the use of laminated glass, which prevents shattering after an accident. Just like cars, windshields are available in different sizes, thickness, and curvature.

Toyota Corolla Vs. Toyota Prius

59 inches X 31.5 Inches are the measurements of a Standard windshield. Nevertheless, because different cars come with different shape or design, no windscreen is the same. Everybody knows that a Toyota Corolla is not only common but a top-rated sedan. However, it’s windshield dimensions are not standard. That is because they measure 58 inches X 27.5 Inches. This means that they are smaller.

On the other hand, the Prius is a sedan that comes with a taller roof, which means that it needs a taller windshield. What does this mean? Well, it means that every glass windshield is designed to fit a particular or specific vehicle perfectly. Therefore, because the height and width of every car differ, so is the windshield size. It also means that when a technician wants to replace one, they will ask for the car’s model and make.

The SF-01 Street or Track Car

Of course, sports cars are a little bit different compared to standard sedans. For example, the SF-01 uses smaller windshield but a little bit curved. This is a trend that was introduced a few years back to enhance safety and reduce blind spots. Therefore, you cannot fit a standard windscreen in a sports car.

Freight Trucks

Many freight truck’s windshields measure up to 6 feet in length, but the width can differ from one model to the next. For the screen to meet safety standards, it must be thicker; because of its weight and size. Others use split windscreens as a way to increase safety. As such, the kind or type of windscreens used in trucks is very different in terms of design, thickness, and size compared to the ones above. This is also another example of how windshields are different interns of dimensions, usage, and craft.

Anytime you want to replace a windscreen; you will need your cars specific make and model. Without this, you may end up with a wrong windshield for your vehicle. In a nutshell, they will not be compatible. You should note that each windscreen comes with a specific safety requirement, which also makes them unique. The good news is that First Class Auto Glass fully knows everything there is to know about windshields on the market and have the expertise to replace them.

After they have determined the make and model of your vehicle (which takes seconds), they contact the right manufacturer to get a proper fit replacement. Our experts fully know the importance these windscreens play and the glass design it goes into it. We value the importance of road safety, and we put everything into guaranteeing that.

First Class Auto Glass is the professional service to hire for your windshield services. Call us today.