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Why You Should Fix Your Windshield Immediately!


Avoid waiting until the damage is too much, even minor cracks and chips should be fixed immediately. The following are four reasons why you should have expert technicians repair your windshield right away.

Car Glass Repair is Covered by Your Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance covers the repair of cracks and scratches on your windshield. Besides, if your windshield is damaged in an accident, your collision insurance covers repair expenses and also the deductible can be waived.

Avoid Additional Damage

If the chip or crack on your windshield is fixed immediately, it can prevent the damage from spreading further hence saving you extra costs related to expansive repairs or replacement of the entire glass. Under normal circumstances, the cost of fixing the damage is usually much lower than that of windshield replacement.

Guaranteed Service

Our expert technicians are skilled in evaluating the repairs done to ascertain their efficacy and make sure that the windshield can withstand normal wear and tear as well as harsh conditions after maintenance. First Class Auto offers a guarantee on all windshield maintenance work.

Safety & Visibility

Small cracks and scratches on your windshield can distract the driver and hamper their visibility. To make matters worse, larger chips and cracks can jeopardize the safety of car occupants. These cracks and chips undermine the glass and its capacity to shield vehicle occupants if an accident happens.

Are you dealing with any form of windshield damage – small crack, chip, spider crack, or bullseye? Contact or email First Class Auto to schedule your windshield repair a soon as possible.