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Where Does the Condensation Come from on My Car Windshield?


Going out in the morning and finding dew condensed on the windshield of your vehicle is a frequent occurrence. This condensation is caused thanks to a difference between the temperature inside the vehicle and outside it. 


Condensation that occurs on the vehicle’s exterior is caused when warm air with moisture condenses upon hitting the window glass of the vehicle since the glass is colder in early morning. When wintertime arrives and the vehicle’s heater is turned on, condensation can also occur. Warming up the vehicle’s interior causes the windshield and windows to accumulate moisture. causing condensation.


Defogging the Windshield During Cold Weather


Need to quickly clear a windshield? Your first move is to make the interior temperature as well as humidity decrease. Turn on air conditioning, defrosting without using heat. You can also opt to put the windows down, dissipating any lingering solution.


Another option that is slightly more time consuming is to turn off defrosters and crank the heat. Turn on the vehicle and heat in the morning, up to 15 minutes’ worth of time. The glass will warm and humidity will adjust. Be aware that garages should be ventilated with doors open before trying this.


The Warm Months


During warmer weather, you don’t have to turn on the A/C. Instead, try to get your car’s inside temperature to mirror the outside. Put down the windows, switch on the heat and run it on low, using wipers on your windshield to break up condensation.


Replacing the Windshield


Condensation occurs naturally, but keep an eye on it if you’re worried you’ll have to replace the windshield. Condensation on the outside of a vehicle is a normal occurrence, but if it is happening routinely on the vehicle interior, you might want to have a professional check it out. They’ll be able to replace your windshield and install it properly. Check out a glass repair shop that you can call today.