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What to do After a Car Break In?


Realizing that someone has broken into your car can put a damper on your day. The unfortunate part is the fact that it is not a rare occurrence – thousands of people become victims to auto break-ins ever year. If you realize that someone has broken into your car, follow the guide below because it will go a long way in helping you know what needs to be done, and some tips that will help in securing your vehicle so you don’t become a victim of break-ins in the future.

Calling the police. This should be the first thing to do because you want to make a record for insurance purposes. Call them and tell them everything that happened. Remember to ask the police to make a report of it. Once they have made the report, get the report the number then request for a copy.

Deactivating your phone. Reach out to your cell carrier so they can immediately deactivate your cell phone if it as stolen during the break-in. This is important because it will in preventing identity theft, cyber theft, or even creepy calls.

Taking photos. Before leaving the scene, take photos of the damage to the car.

Ensure you have made a list of the things that were stolen.

Calling the insurance company. Auto insurance policy will cover damage to the car. Homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, or renters insurance can cover the replacement of lost goods. Contact your adjuster for the claim number and instructions on filing the claim.

Repairing the car. Auto insurance can help with this.
Locating proof of ownership for the stolen goods. You will have an easier time dealing with the insurance company if you can prove that you owned the things that were stolen, and their actual cost. Some of the things you can use to prove ownership are credit card bills, sales receipts, and photos of the stolen items.

Replacing the stolen items. Confirm whether you have “Replacement Cost Coverage” before doing this. This is where the insurance company is going to reimburse you with the actual costs of replacing the items “with like quality and kind” once you replace it. An easy way to do this is by replacing everything then submitting the receipts so they can reimburse the total cost.

Creating a spreadsheet of the stolen items. List the stolen items and the ones you have replaced in an organized manner. On this spreadsheet, list the items, the date of purchase, original purchase price, the date you replaced the item, and how much you paid to replace it. Always remember to keep the receipts of the items you have bought.

Filling the Police Report and returning it. The police are going to send you a report through the mail for you to fill and return. While many of the car prowls are never prosecuted, there are times when stolen property is recovered, and the owner can be traced using serial numbers. Provide the police with any serial number you might have.

It is hard to prevent car theft, especially if you are living in a big city, but the tips will help you a lot if such a thing was to happen.

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