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What Safety Features Come Built Into A Car Windshield?


Windshields need to be able to prevent injury under regular traffic conditions and in the event of an impact.


The windshield of a car is an essential safety element when it comes to airbags when there is a shock (the airbags are blocked by the windshield). Technological advancements of new windows are used by designers and they use the opportunity to replace the glass. The glass surface over the past 20 years has increased from 3.5 up to 5 m² (the Citroen C4 Picasso has over 6 m² in glazing). Replacing a windshield has evolved into a really technical operation, which is accessible only to professionals who are properly informed and trained.

Along with the seat belts and airbags in your car, the windshield has been designed to make sure the vehicle’s occupants are kept inside of the car. When a collision occurs, the airbags cushion the impact and seat belts help to prevent ejection. Another physical barrier is provided by the windshield to help the occupants that are inside of the vehicle.

Airbags are deployed with a lot of force, and windshields in some cases have been designed to assist with deployment. It is critical for the windshield to be properly installed to facilitate this action.

Rollers have higher fatality rates than all other vehicle accidents. windshields help to prevent damage by keeping the car roof protected from quickly caving in or easily collapsing. The windshield inside of a modern car offers a lot more support compared to the steel A-pillars that were in older vehicles, and that helps to prevent the roof of the car from collapsing.

Wipers and Visibility

It is very important to be able to see everything ahead of you on the road in order to avoid collisions. A glass windshield in normal conditions provides you with a clear line of vision.

The windshield has wipers installed on it to help to remove water, dust, debris, and other materials that may impair visibility. The wipers also can help to clear any fog or mist build up on the windshield. Wipers also help to clear off some snow also. A windshield would be incomplete without wipers.

Windshield Glass

The windshield on a car looks like all other vehicle glass windows, but there has been a lot of trial and error, tests, and research conducted to create the ideal windshield for vehicles. Over the years the windshield glass manufacturing process has continued to evolve, and the float method is being used currently. The glass float’s early stages take place inside of a chamber as it is cooling and cures to form a protective and strong windshield.

A windshield uses two different kinds of glass:

Tempered glass

This type of glass is very strong. It is also very safe and is able to withstand all mild pressure. The most important advantage of tempered glass is when it is broken, it can shatter into numerous pieces that may cause minimal damage instead of large cuts that can cause cuts quite easily.

Laminated glass

The windshield’s front part is made out of laminated glass. This glass is comprised of 3 layers. The main material is PVB that makes up the center layer of glass. It protects from external object easily cracking or penetrating the glass.

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