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Weatherproofing Your Windshield

Weatherproofing Your Windshield

Your vehicle is going to give in to the harsh elements of nature, with the windshield being the most common. Ice is at the top when it comes to harming the windshield because they come down from the sky at a high speed, and this makes things worse when there is preexisting windshield damage. It is hard to avoid this damage, but there are several things to prepare your windshield for rain, snow, sleet, and even heat.

Before winter arrives, do a thorough inspection of your windshield. See whether there are any tiny cracks or nicks on your windshield. Water, specks of dirt, and debris can be immersed in even tiny cracks. Cold temperature tends to make these cracks and nicks to grown and even spread. When you identify the small cracks and have it repaired, you end up saving a lot of money because you will be forced to spend a lot more when things get worse.

It is a good idea to invest in a windshield cover when the colder weather arrives. You can use a towel or blanket to cover the windshield. Doing this will help in protecting the windshield from frost development and getting hit by snow.

You can also buy protective sprays that will fix freezing of the windshield during frigid temperatures. Some repellents in the market have been designed to prevent rain from building up on the windshield, which is going to help during a heavy downpour. Weatherproofing a windshield is just waterproofing it.

During winter, you should gradually turn up the defroster instead of blasting it on high when you want to get rid of frost. There will be an extreme change that is not going to be good for the windshield and the shocks it keeps getting and could result in a lot of problems.

This rule should also be followed during summer. When you enter your car, you will find it hot and the next step is putting the AC on full blast. The drastic temperature change could have negative effects on your windshield. When parking your car, try parking it in a shady area do it doesn’t get exposed to sunlight for long. First Class Auto can weatherproof your car for you. Get in touch with us and see how we can help, reach us here.