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Ways to Defog Windshields

Ways to Defog Windshields

You might have noticed morning dew on your windshield many times. You are not alone. Many people face the same problem. You can expect this condition when the outside and the inside temperature of your vehicle are different. Condensation on the outside can be caused when the moist and warm air condenses while hitting your car’s cold window glass. It mostly happens in the morning hours. In winter months, you can experience condensation when you have turned on the heater in your vehicle. Once you start warming inside of your vehicle, the moisture will start building up on the windows and windshield. You can experience condensation in different conditions when the outside and inside temperature is not the same. You will have to follow different defogging methods depending on the cause.

How to Defog Windshields

Colder Months

In cold months, you will find many ways to defog your windshield. If you want a fast solution, simply lower the inside temperature of your vehicle. With lower temperatures both inside and outside, the humidity will match. You can turn on your AC and defrost quickly without heat. Alternatively, you can roll down the window so that your windows can dissipate the moisture. For a better solution, you might need more time. You will have to turn off all the defrosters and turn up the heat. You need to turn on the heat and your vehicle for around fifteen minutes before leaving in the morning. This process will warm up the glass and will adjust the humidity level as well. When your car is parked inside the garage, do not forget to open the garage door before starting the vehicle.

Warmer Months

In warmer months when the heat is more outside, you will have to act differently. The process will be completely different than the previous one. Your objective is to get the proper match of the outside and inside temperature. In warmer months, you will not have to do much to maintain the humidity level. You can simply roll down your windows and turn the heat in low. Now you can use the windshield wipers to wipe the condensation.

When Should You Replace Your Windshield?

Condensation might be the sole factor for the replacement. Condensations are scientific and natural occurrences. But you will have to be aware of a few things that might indicate a replacement. It is better to understand the difference between condensation and damage to make a smart decision and protect you and your family from an unpredictable incident.

When the condensation is outside, it is absolutely normal. You do not need to bother about the replacement. Outside condensation is the sign that the vehicle’s windshield is offering the required insulation. But when the condensation is happening inside the vehicle, then something might be wrong. You can hire a professional to evaluate the condition and decide the solution.

If you are too busy to visit an experienced professional, you can call First Class Auto. We can help you with easy and fast repairs and will accommodate you at your convenient time and place.