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Warning Signs That Your Vehicle Needs A windshield Replacement

Warning Signs That Your Vehicle Needs A windshield Replacement

Sometimes, windshield replacements are more advantageous as compared to repairs. If something strikes your windscreen, damages could happen at various points. The extent of the damage caused will be determined by the kind of an object that hit the screen, and how hard the hitting was.

Make sure that a skilled technician checks out the fractures to determine if the windshield will need repairs or a replacement. Many drivers ignore windshield fractures just because they still have a clear view while driving.

Worn Out Wiper Blades

Your vehicle’s blades should be able to clear rainwater in one wipe without any struggles. The wiper blades could be broken if water streaks are left behind after wiping. Also, it could be that a stray chip on the road hit the wiper blades and damaged them.

Wiper blades should operate with minimal noises, if not silent. Otherwise, the blades could be worn out if they are producing unusual sounds such as scrapes, screeches, and squeaks. Consider replacing the blades or the entire windshield if the rubber that comes in contact with glass has jagged, ragged, or distorted edges.


There is a need to worry if a white haze appears around the edge of your vehicle’s windshield. Most drivers consider windshield discoloration as a cosmetic problem, but it is more than that. Manufacturers treat windshields with special glass such that on shattering, the glass does not break into small pieces that could cut passengers. The appearance of a white hazel indicates that the protective plastic material is separating from the glass. Therefore, in case of an accident, large glasses could fly in all directions, risking the wellbeing of the passengers.

Do not clean off the haze by scrubbing with a scouring pad or steel wool. That will worsen the damage. If not professionally repaired on time, the white haze could end up being irremovable, thus creating the need for a replacement.


It is almost a common thing to see vehicles with scratched windshields. You need to replace your wiper blades regularly. Otherwise, they could wear out to metals, causing severe scratches to your car’s windshield.
Deep windshield scratches will blur your driving vision, exposing you to the risk of causing an accident. To avoid that, schedule an appointment with an automobile technician to get a windshield replacement for your vehicle.

Compromised View

When driving, you ought to make split-second decisions regardless of the little discoloration, scratch, or chip on your vehicle’s windshield. A chipped or discolored windshield can easily make you miss out on a crucial detail while driving, something that could lead you into a serious accident.

You might need to get a windshield replacement as soon as possible to avoid putting your family’s life in danger while driving. This is crucial despite how mild you think the clarity of the windshield has been affected. You do not have to wait until the situation gets horrible for you to consider a replacement. Call our windshield professionals at First Class Auto to get your quote today.