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Understanding How Hot And Cold Temperatures Affect Your Windshield

Understanding How Hot And Cold Temperatures Affect Your Windshield

Did you know that temperature can play a role in how likely your windshield is to break or crack? Sudden changes in temperature can cause the glass to expand or contract. Any tiny chips and the surface can quickly spread, turning into much larger cracks. Unfortunately, once cracks occur, the only way to deal with them is by replacing your windshield. The problem doesn’t really have to do with the changing of the seasons. Instead, it has to do with the temperature differences between the inside of the car and the outside of the vehicle. When exposed to high temperatures, your windshield glass expands. Conversely, when it gets cold, it contracts. If the layers of glass that make up your windshield are exposed to different temperatures, it can cause it to flex, creating a great deal of stress.

When it is super hot outside, you probably crank up the air conditioner to make your vehicle more comfortable. Similarly, when it is cold outside, you most likely turn on the heater to warm things up a little bit. Over time, the difference between the temperature inside your car and the temperature outside can weaken your windshield.

You may be surprised by just how hot your windshield can get. The next time that it is warm and sunny outside, try putting your hand on your windshield. Chances are, it will be so hot that you can barely touch it without burning your skin. When it gets hot like this, the glass of your windshield is more likely to crack, which can interfere with your ability to see the road.

If you want to minimize the risk of damage,First Class Auto Glass advises avoiding sudden temperature changes. Instead, heat or cool your car slowly so that the windshield has time to adjust. As an example, on a 100° day, you should start by using your air conditioner to cool the inside of your car down to about 80°. As the daytime temperature decreases, you can then use your air conditioner to cool down the interior even more. The key is to do so gradually.

If your windshield has already been damaged as a result of sudden changes in temperature, you should take it to First Class Auto Glass to have it examined by a specialist. They can advise you as to whether it can be repaired or whether it needs to be replaced. First Class Auto Glass adheres to the AGRSS (Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards), which means that you can have confidence in our work. For your convenience, we offer free mobile windshield repair. That means that we can come to your location, wherever you are.

If you want to get a free quote through the Internet for the cost of replacing your windshield, all you have to do is search for a First Class Auto Glass location near you.

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