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Tips On Caring For A Newly-Replaced Windshield


Taking proper care of your windshield after it’s just been replaced is the very first step to ensuring that it stays in good condition and lasts long. To ensure your newly-installed windshield stays in great shape, here is a look at some of the thing you need to do to safeguard it.

– Wait before driving your vehicle
– Leave one (or two) windows cracked open
– Make sure the area in and outside your car is clear
– Do not remove the retention tape
– Go easy on it
– Avoid power washers and car washes

The First Hour After Your Windshield Has Been Replaced.

The first day after your windshield has been replaced is the most critical. Therefore, consider protecting it by following these tips:

Wait to Drive your Vehicle

When replacing a windshield, adhesives are used to hold the glass in place and to create a tough, waterproof seal all around it. It is essential that you give the adhesive enough time to dry and set. For the best results, wait at least one hour to pass after installation before driving your car.

When you enter your car, carefully search for glass shards from the old windshield as some could be lying around. While windscreen technicians do their best to ensure that all pieces of broken glass have been cleaned up before handing the vehicle back to you, still take a moment to check for stray bits.

The First Two Days After Replacement.

Keep the Area In and Outside Your Car Clear

As the seal dries, you do not want any foreign objects adhering to it or pushing against it. Do not place any covers on the exterior of your vehicle for two to three days after the windshield has been installed.

Leave a Window(s) Cracked Open.

Air pressure will, sometimes, place extra stress on the seal around the windshield as the seal dries. To ensure pressure doesn’t build up, leading to leaks, leave a window slightly cracked. Consider doing this on the day the windshield is installed.

Leave the Retention Tape On

Windshield technicians will often apply a retention tape on the shield to hold its molding in place and to ensure that the seal stays protected from the elements as it dries. While it might not look appealing, it is best that you leave it there for the first few days after the windshield has been installed.

Avoid Power Washers and Car Washes

To make sure the new molding doesn’t shift or get damaged before it completely sets, avoid power washers, automatic car washes, and high-pressure car washes. If you have to wash your vehicle within the first two days after having the windshield replaced, then consider giving it a regular hand wash.

Be Easy on Your New Windshield

Try as much as possible to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the adhesive as it sets around the newly-installed windshield. Instead of slamming your car doors, gently close them. Also, avoid using roads with lots of bumps and potholes.

A local New Port glass auto shop can help you with caring for your newly replaced windshield. Reach out to one close by today!