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Things You May Not Know About Windshields


Windshields are an important part of any type of automobile. What makes a windshield so important? It shields the occupants of the vehicle from the outside world while allowing them to clearly see everything in front of them. Given how important windshields are, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we stress that any chip or crack in a windshield is repaired as soon as possible. While windshields do an admirable job of keeping the wind out of your face and bugs out of your mouth, they do far more than just that. Keeping reading below to find out some things that might surprise you about windshields.


Are Windshields Made Of Tempered Glass?


What is tempered glass? It’s glass that is designed to break into a lot of small, pebble-sized pieces when it is broken. Tempered glass is usually much safer than traditional glass because the small pieces that it breaks into are less likely to cause a serious injury to someone. But, while tempered glass is usually safe to use, it isn’t safe to use in windshields. After all, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have a windshield made of glass that will shatter into hundreds of small pieces when it is broken. That’s why windshields are made of laminated glass instead. Laminated glass is simply two pieces of glass that have a strong piece of plastic between them.


Windshields Support Your Roof


A lot of people don’t realize this, but windshields play a big part in supporting the roof of your car. Without a strong windshield, the roof of a car would collapse in every rollover accident, which would cause serious injuries or worse to all of the occupants of that car. Because windshields play such an important role in the structural integrity of your car, it’s important that they are in good condition. This is why any damage that you notice should be repaired as soon as possible.

If My Windshield Is Broken Or Damaged Will My Car Insurance Cover It?


Yes, as long as you choose to have glass coverage when you obtain your car insurance policy. Windshields actually account for the vast majority of auto insurance claims. Every time you get in your car and drive you are exposing your windshield to the elements as well as to various road hazards. That means that every time you drive you run the risk of your windshield being chipped, cracked, or broken. The good news is that First Class Auto is approved by every major insurance company, we’d be more than happy to help you to file your claim if you come to us for windshield repair or replacement. Whether you have a big crack or a tiny chip, any damage to your windshield has the potential to be catastrophic, which is why you should have us repair it as soon as you notice it. Don’t hesitate to call us soon.