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The Latest Technology Trends For Auto Glass

Latest Technology Trends For Auto Glass

Every year brings about prospects for new inventions and ideas. Technology continues to rapidly improve and there are no signs that it will slow down anytime soon. It is obvious that just about every industry has undergone positive enhancements due to technology advancements, and this is definitely true when it comes to the industry of auto glass. The latest trends in auto glass for this year already include smart-glass installations and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

About ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

ADAS is a state-of-the-art system in cars to assist with increasing road safety. With safety measures that are built-in, these systems help to prevent collisions, which has become a common occurrence among drivers. These systems operate in the way of alerting a driver before an issue arises or even taking over control of a vehicle in order to avoid an accident.

Something which should be noted as important is the fact that most of the ADAS technology is present on the actual windshield. For this reason, as technology continues to advance, auto glass industries today, need to be equipped in order to replace and repair windshields using this technology.

About Smart Glass

Over and above the ADAS installations, the actual glass used to make windshields has also become greener and smarter. For example, the glass is more resilient, durable, and lighter, while at the same time also more sustainable. Windshields, along with the windows, have undergone specific technological updates, which allows this type of glass to react or respond to moisture, light, and temperature, along with other factors.

First Class Auto Glass is experienced in accurately inspecting and installing every type of windshield regardless of how green or smart they may have become. Expanding its capabilities and services to adapt to the latest technological changes, First Class Auto Glass is one of your most reliable service providers. The ongoing training that our technicians receive ensures that every employee with us is well trained in the latest technologies.

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