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The Dangers of DIY Car Windshield Repair

The Dangers of DIY Car Windshield Repair

When many people notice a problem like a crack or a nick on their windshield, they start considering doing the repair on their own. If you go online, you can see the different DIY kits to use for repairing the windshield.

A DIY kit can seem like a great option because it is cheaper, but there are some cons you have to deal with when you decide to do the windshield repair on your own.

Value of Time

The windshield repair can take a trainer pro about 10 minutes. If you do the repairs on your own, then you can expect to spend a couple of hours to fix the problem using the DIY kit.

No Guarantee

There are no guarantees or warranties coming with a DIY kit. Just because you have managed to fix the problem with your windshield doesn’t mean it is going to last.

Quality of Resin

DIY kits come with a resin that you are going to use in filling the nick or crack on the windshield. The quality of the resin can be questionable, and might not provide the permanent fix you were expecting.

Now way of differentiating damage

A DIY kit will come with an instruction manual, but it is not going to help you identify whether the crack is star break, combination crack or bullseye. Technicians are skilled in this area and they are able to know the right approach to take when dealing with the individual crack.

No way of leveling

The kits will have an application tool, resin, a curing film, and an instruction manual. You will not have something to use in leveling the pit so the windshield wipers are able to efficiently function.

Misleading Videos

Just because you have found a video online showing someone repairing their window doesn’t mean it is the best option for you. You can end up with a windshield in a very bad state because you followed the advice of untrained professionals and following the videos.

No Experience to Lean On

Experienced technicians are able to deal with issues that might come up during the process. The DIY kit you order is not going to come with any experience.

Get in contact with the professionals at First Class Auto and don’t try replacing your windshield on your own.