NAGS pricing

At auto glass week in San Antonio, Tx, Mitchell the company that manages NAGS ¬†gave a speech preparing the industry at large for sweeping changes are coming to NAGS over the next year from NAGS pricing to them moving to a cloud based system. No real pricing structure was given today only suggestive hints to … Read more

Cash Jobs

Due to the overwhelming amounts of insurance work we do at this time we are unable to service vehicles that do not carry comprehensive insurance at this time. Please bare with us until further notice.

Important tariff news

The Office of the United States Trade Representative has officially announced the implementation of a 10% tariff on automotive glass imported from china. As much as we would like to absurb this extra cost it would be impossible to due so once that same tariff reaches 25% on jan 1 2019. All cost will be … Read more

Auto glass is not just glass anymore

Windshields being the primary piece of glass being replaced in the Tampa bay area, it’s important to realize that your vehicles windshield is not just a piece of glass anymore, it’s a piece of technology. With auto makers ever increasing advancements and commitment to road safety we now have rain sensors, electric mirrors, lane departure … Read more

Why supporting small businesses should be important

Why supporting your local auto glass Shop is important verses national brands like . To us yo ur not just a number on a computer screen, your a local community member, a neighbor and a friend. When you choose to use us verses the Walmart of Auto glass you are supporting a local family … Read more