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Some Tips On How To Maintain Windshield Wipers


Windshield wipers are an integral part of a car. But unfortunately, people don’t pay much attention to them. Drivers maintain brakes, tires, and lights of their cars. They clean the windshields. Even their car’s oil is changed by them. But, drivers don’t give importance to the windshield wipers. They forget that the wipers help to keep their auto glass clean.

Now, windshield wipers were invented to keep the vision clear. It can keep away rain and snow from your windshield. Hence, to drive safely, you should always maintain these wipers. Otherwise, you and your passenger’s lives might face some dangerous situations. That’s why a guide is given below to maintain your car’s windshield wipers in the crucial months.

How long your car’s windshield wipers’ last?

Windshield wipers have rubbers on them. This rubber portion touches your car’s windshield and it cleans it. It faces rain and the sun constantly. Hence, the rubber wears away. As a result, your car’s windshield gets damaged. The wipers can put scratches on your car’s windshield. Moreover, your car’s windshield can get cracked. That’s why you shouldn’t keep using your car’s wipers for a long time.

So, what’s the right time to change your car’s windshield wipers? It depends on your usages. If your car’s wipers face tough weather conditions, then they wear away quickly. But usually, a car’s wipers can last from six (6) months to a (1) year. Hence, you should change your car’s wipers within this period.

When should you change your windshield wipers?

Sometimes your windshield wipers may not last for 6 months or 1 year. In that case, you should notice some obvious signs your car’s wipers make. The first signs are the scratches or cuts on your car’s windshield. The rubber wears away. Hence, the wipers make such scratch marks. The sun rays and the air debris damages your wipers. Hence, you should check your wipers’ condition regularly. You should notice if there is anything unusual about the wipers.

Apart from that, you should also pay attention to the sounds that your car’s wipers make. For example – the windshield wipers may make some vibrating sounds against the windshield glass. The wipers may also produce some scratching noise. If you notice any of these signs, then you should replace your car’s windshield wipers soon. Otherwise, the wipers can damage your car’s glass.

Some tips to clean your windshield wipers

Now, you can’t protect your windshield wipers from the outside weather and long usages. So, you should look after your windshield wipers to give them a long life. You should clean the wipers. It’s the best way to keep them in great condition. When you go to gas stations, you can use their free tools. Most of the gas stations have these tools. You should use these tools to clean the surface beneath the wipers. This is the place where all the dust gathers up.
In that case, you shouldn’t start your windshield wipers. Rather you should clean the snow manually. Because windshield wipers may break your auto glass. So, you may lose your car’s wipers right there.

It’s truly important to maintain your car’s windshield wipers. You can follow the above tips to give your wipers a long life. Your car’s glass will be clear. As a result, you can drive your car safely. Just remember that your car’s wipers are a valuable part and you should never ignore them. When you go to gas stations, you should clean beneath your wiper’s surface and the entire windshield. Make it your habit and you don’t have to worry about your windshield wipers. Contact us at First Class Auto when your wipers need maintenance.