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Should I be worried about the black dots on my windshield?

Should I be worried about the black dots on my windshield?

Your windshield is probably one of the most important things in your car – and one that, ironically, most people overlook the most. It’s the barrier between everyone inside the car and everything outside your vehicle. Besides protecting the passengers, it also allows the driver to see what’s ahead on the road. It’s a vital part of your car, one that must be in great shape at all times.

Most car owners do not understand the importance of their windshield – let alone its purpose. Because of that, the issues and features your windshield might have often go unnoticed. Issues, like a scratch or a crack, are obvious enough to see, even for the untrained eye. But what about its features, something that it’s there on purpose? For example, the black dots on your windshield.

Black dots and patterned stripes are found in every windshield, yet not many people know why are they there. Some people might even believe it’s a problem they need to fix when they first see it – but that’s far from the truth!

You shouldn’t try to fix your windshield’s black spots because they are an important feature of it! Both the black spots and patterns on your windshield are called the frit – and it’s there for a reason. The frit is a black enamel band placed along the edges of your windshield glass. And without a frit, there would be no windshield on your car, because it’s what keeps your windshield bonded to your vehicle.

Whenever you need to replace or repair your windshield, a technician will use the frit to bond the glass to the vehicle’s frame. It’s not only useful for practical purposes but aesthetic ones as well. The frit provides a polished appearance by concealing the windshield’s adhesive.

The frit both keeps your windshield in place and makes it looks better than before – but its work does not stop there. It’s also a UV radiation shield, protecting the windshield from overexposure to the sun – something that is bound to damage your windshield’s adhesion over time – and gives you minor shade to protect you from sunlight as well!

All in all, the black dots on your windshield are not a problem, they are one of the most important things found on your vehicle’s exterior. It might not be as important as the engine, but you need them anyway! They keep the windshield in place, protect it from UV radiation, and gives it an aesthetic look to go along with your car. Something so little does so much, and most people don’t even notice it!

First Class Auto technicians are trained professionals who know and understand everything there’s to know about your windshield – your frit included. This is but a little sneak peek of what you can learn about your car.

Do you have any doubts regarding your windshield? Give us a call and we’ll help you with all your windshield-related needs. We are more than happy to assist you!