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Sandblasted Windshield – What Is It?

Sandblasted Windshield - What Is It?

There is no doubt in saying that sandblasted windshields are a big threat to both commercial and personal vehicle drivers. So if you are dealing with sandblasted windshields, then First Class Auto can help you with that. We can clean all the stubborn dirt and debris and make your windshield look as good as new. With us, you won’t have to do anything, we can also handle your insurance claims and do all the formalities. However, we try our level best to repair even the highly damaged but there are some scenarios, especially in commercial vehicles where windshield replacement is the only option that can be done. Here below is a brief explanation of sandblasted windshield and steps one should take to if the glass is damaged.

Understanding Sandblasted Windshield

While driving, you may notice small particles of dirt or sand floating all over your windshield. However, these particles are very small and won’t break the glass but if left untreated, then they can cause small pits to appear on the surface of the windshield. In the beginning, the pits are not noticeable but with time, it will become more visible and you may need to call the service center to fix it.

Things That Cause Sandblasted Windshield

If you drive too closely behind a vehicle, then your car is more likely to get sandblasted windshield. The impact depends on the distance you maintain while driving your car. If you tailgate others every time, then your windshield is in more danger as the sand will project on your car quickly. That’s why it is recommended to maintain some distance. Don’t get too close to the front car, keep at least 3 -4-second distance. This will reduce the number of particles that come in contact with the surface of your windshield.

Apart from this, the area where you drive your car is also a great factor that affects your windshield and makes it sandblasted. For example- if you are someone whose lifestyle involves farming work or work on a construction site, then the amount of debris or dust that will come in contact with the windshield will be higher. Due to the large quantity of debris and dirt, then particles will be of larger size, which will put more impact on the windshield.

Less Visibility While Driving

Some people feel that the sandblasted windshield won’t affect anything but if you drive your car in the day when the sun is glaring, then you will see a visible difference. During the day, the windshields pits become more pronounced and can block your vision. After some time, these pits turn into cracks. We can help you with these pits and cracks and make your windshield look like new. We can work on all the damaged areas and make the surface of the glass smoother. This will make the windshield clear and you will be able to see properly.

Auto Glass Repair From First Class Auto

All the technicians in the First Class Auto are certified and are trained to diminish the damage to the windshield. We offer different services such as windshield repair, rock chip repair, auto glass repair for vehicle owners in New Port Richey. Call us today!