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Rock Chip Repair in Winter


A chipped windshield could spell trouble if you don’t have it repaired. During winter, chips can be caused by gravel, debris, or flying rocks. Left alone, they can grow into a long crack or burst into a pattern of tiny cracks. If your car has a chipped windshield, you should get in touch with First Class Auto Glass to avoid low visibility. Read on and learn more!

When should you consider rock chip repair?

Rock chips are common during the winter months and may interfere with the driver’s line of sight. The damage could spread as a result of storm conditions, cold temperatures, and moisture. In addition to that, the tires of other cars can fling debris behind them. However, if debris is embedded into the chip area it becomes difficult to repair. The general rule of thumb is to ensure the glass is tempered not laminated. Secondly, the chip should penetrate more than halfway into the windshield. The chip should also extend to the outside edge of the windshield. Not to mention, you should repair a windshield if the chip is 6 inches or smaller.

You should have your windshield evaluated by a professional to ensure it maintains the structural integrity. If the damage is at the end of the windshield or within the line of sight for the driver, it makes sense to replace rather than repair.

Reasons why rock chip repair is necessary

If the windshield is damaged, it should be repaired immediately. The blemish caused by the chip reduces clarity as you look through the auto glass. This could cause a distraction when driving. Here are the reasons why rock chip repair is necessary.

During extreme temperatures, it can be difficult to defrost the windshield. It gets tough when you try to scrape off snow and ice in an already compromised windshield.

During the winter season, driving with a chipped windshield could cause more damage. Furthermore, strong winds and debris can be extremely hazardous.

Ice and moisture may get strapped in the windshield. When temperatures drop, there can be too much pressure which may widen the cracks. So, even if the damage seems minor you should repair it immediately.

If the chips extend towards the edge of the glass, it can compromise the structural integrity of the glass. The depth also matters. Keep in mind that a small chip can spread when you drive on a bumpy road, hit a pothole or make aggressive turns.

During icy conditions, gravel can easily flap up causing further weakening of windshield. And everyone wants to save money. While there’s a likelihood that the insurance company will take care of the repairs, it’s cheaper to repair than to replace it.

Rock chip DIY repair

There are many repair kits available at auto parts stores. However, DIY kits don’t replicate a professional repair. Because the key function is to prevent the chips from expanding, they help to restore the structural integrity of the glass. So, if you’re unsure of the repair process you’re better hiring a professional. While a chip may seem minor, it can lead to a costly repair job.

When you inject resin materials into the chip, it can cause further damage. This means your car and the life of the passengers are at risk. By being proactive, you’ll save money and most importantly stay safe. Never take the risk!

First Class Auto can help you with your rock chip repairs. Call us to find out how you can get your windshield repaired.