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Protect Your Car Against Increased Smash And Grab Crimes


Recently, smash and grab crimes have spiked in affluent areas all over the country. However, you can use an aftermarket car alarm to protect your vehicle as well as your valuables inside.

Stolen Items and Broken Car Windows

Becoming a victim doesn’t take very long. Thieves spot and grab electronics, bags, and other valuables quickly that are in cars parked in parking garages, in parking lots, or on the street. Usually, this type of incident involves the thief using a blunt instrument to break the glass on the car to allow them to reach their hand in to take items out of your car.

How To Keep Your Car Protected

Normal Precautions

In order to prevent break-ins from occurring, New Port police recommend that you do not leave anything valuable inside your car. The following are some of the items that are considered to be easy targets in car thefts:

GPS navigation devices
Tablets and laptops
Mobile phones

You should park as close as possible to the nearest building in an area that is well-lit.

Anti-Theft Alarms Systems

Savvy car owners should also take the precaution of having an anti-theft alarm system installed. However, you need to be aware that not all systems are able to effectively prevent this kind of car break-in from occurring.

Glass Break Sensors

Certain acoustic frequencies are detected by this type of sensor. The highly sensitive microphones pick up the sound of shattering glass which activates your alarm system. This is a popular way to protect the cabin of your car which should detect tampering as well as blows to the car glass that do not cause breakage.

Shock Sensors

What shock sensors do is detect an impact on the body of your car, including its door panels, to help prevent theft. For example, if an individual hits the body of your car or a blow is delivered to the glass, the intensity of this motion will be sensed by the system. Some models come equipped with a warning signal that sounds prior to the regular alarm being triggered.

Pressure Sensors

Changes to air pressure inside a vehicle are detected by a pressure sensor. If a door is forced open or a window is broken, an audible signal is triggered by the kind of sensor.

Motion Sensors

There are other types of alarms that might prevent theft more effectively by detecting movement inside of the cabin. For example, Cadillac has a system that detects motion through the use of ultrasonic waves. The kind of system alerts owners effectively to small and graft theft and break-ins.

Expert Auto Glass Replacement and Repair

If you are a victim of a ‘smash and grab’ incident or a car break-in, we can get you back on the road safely. Call us at First Class Auto we can get you up and running in no time.