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Most Common Causes Of Auto Glass Damage


Auto glass is not designed to withstand absolutely everything since there are various reasons why it might end up chipping, cracking, or breaking.

Auto Accidents

It doesn’t take a major car crash to break the glass on your automobile. Although cars do have safety glass, that doesn’t mean they are impervious to bursting or breaking. When major damage is incurred by a windshield it is obvious, but an accident may also cause small chips and cracks in the windshield. In the future, they may develop into bigger problems.


Hail can suddenly fall out of the sky without warning and all states are susceptible to damage from hail storms. Hail can range in size from very small up to the size of a golf ball. If you are caught out in a hail storm, try to slow down to reduce the severity of its impact.

Gravel Roads

There is a greater chance for a random pebble, stone, or rock being thrown up by another vehicle out on a gravel road. So make sure to keep a sufficient distance behind the car in front of you while driving on a gravel road.

Construction Vehicles

Quite often construction vehicles are full of debris, like pebbles, rocks, stones, or gravel. Driving behind one of these vehicles places your windshield at risk. Since the windshield on your car serves as a protective shield, it is very important to repair any minor chips or cracks as soon as possible with car glass window repair. Your entire windshield can be compromised if you fail to do so.


Thieves smash auto glass sometimes in order to get access to your car to steal items you might have left inside. In those situations, the main target is the side windows. It lets the thief get directly inside your vehicle and then flee the scene quickly when they are done. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence.


Being constantly exposed to the sun will heat up the areas that border the auto glass on your vehicle. This can cause the edges of the glass to expand. This can end up cracking the glass over time. That is why you should park your car in the shade whenever you can.

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