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Models, Makes And Their Windshields


The model and the make of any vehicle is going to determine the windshield type needed. It is understandable that the overall size of a vehicle will affect the windshield size, but so will its intended purpose and price point. For example, luxury vehicles require a different windshield type when compared to trucks that are made to withstand rougher environments and mountain terrain.

For instance, we will list a few of the more popular cars currently in the US, so that we can provide you with different descriptions on how the windshields are different for each model.

1. The Nissan Versa

This is one of the most popular of the sedans in America. Sedans range from medium to small-sized vehicles. Although the model and make of a vehicle are relevant when it comes to windshield replacements, most sedans are very similar when it comes to their size which applies to their windshields too. Depending on the type of trim level chosen, some features might be included or built-into these windshields.

2. Infiniti QX30

It is not just the sizes of cars that affect the windshield size, but also the price tag. For example, the luxury cars usually require a very specific windshield type which is more than often ordered from the actual dealership, and most have a number of built-in features to ensure the car functions as it should. First Class Auto Glass takes all these factors into consideration to ensure the correct windshield for each car that they work on.

3. Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlanders is currently the most sought after and popular SUV across the US. The safety features that these vehicles offer make them a favorite for many growing families. These vehicles are large and most come with backup cameras, which makes them perfect for road trips with the family and carpool lanes. Due to the fact that the Toyota Highlander is made to withstand tougher terrain and is wider in size, the windshield used on this vehicle is bigger when compared to the sedans, and they also have built-in features in their windshields.

4. The Ford F-Series

This is a truck that is one of the biggest sellers in America. Like most of the SUVs, these trucks are made to withstand just about every environmental factor, such as bumpy and uneven mountain trails, dirt roads, and other types of rough terrain. To prevent cracks and chips, the windshields are larger and thicker in comparison to the luxury sedans or vehicles. Depending on the trucks trim levels, there are various feature options which come built into these windshields.

5. The Smart Car

These small 2-seater cars are considered among the smallest in the US. Due to the compact size of these vehicles, they require a much smaller, and very specific windshield which usually does not come with built-in features. With this in mind, to ensure the safety of the passenger and driver in these small cars, the windshield has to be sturdy and durable and not susceptible to becoming easily damaged. Windshields used on these smart, but very small cars are highly specific.

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