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Mirror Replacement: All You Need To Know

Mirror Replacement All You Need To Know

Whether you are passionate about vehicles or not, you must know that side mirrors are important elements of any vehicle. They allow you to enhance your vision and help you to deal with blind spots at the back and to the side of your car. When damaged or missing, you need to make it a priority to replace your side mirror or repair it. But when should you replace your side mirrors and what can you expect? How to tell whether your mirror is damaged?

If you want to find out clear answers to all these questions and have a smoother process towards side mirror replacement, keep reading this guide about everything you need to know about side mirror replacement.

Be aware that even if in this article we mainly use the term “side mirrors”, these elements are known with several different names. For example, wing mirror, fender mirror, door mirror and outside rearview mirror, are all alternative names that you might come across with.

Why Should You Replace Your Side Mirror?

There are several ways a side mirror can be cracked or damaged, meaning that your vision while driving will be considerably reduced. When you notice your mirror is chipped, cracked or hanging, it is time to replace your mirror. Accidents can happen, and most of the time, they are the main reason why you should replace your side mirror. Some might originate from distraction, such as when you sideswipe a mailbox or a garbage can. Other types of accidents that can damage your mirrors include road debris and flying rocks hitting your mirrors, even though these are less common.

No matter the cause of the accidents, as soon as you notice something different in your mirrors, you must replace them. Indeed, for your safety, you must ensure to have an optimal vision at all times, which will prevent you from other types of accidents that might cost you more in reparations.

What To Expect From Side Mirror Replacement

Usually, a replacement consists of changing the entire unit. You cannot replace just the class or the mirror, meaning that you’ll have to purchase the entire part. The good thing is that the process tends to be very fast: you can have it done in most agencies in less than an hour. Also, the entire unit will be put into place, so that you’ll be able to start driving again, without having to worry about glue drying off,

How To Tell If Your Side Mirror Has Been Damaged?

It is true, most drivers are allowed to go around with a missing or damaged side mirror, at least in Florida, but you shouldn’t do so. Indeed, not having a mirror or a damaged one can considerably reduce your vision while driving, not allowing you to see cars, cyclists or pedestrians or other elements you want to avoid on the side of your car and behind. That is especially dangerous when you are backing up or changing lanes. As soon as you notice reduced vision, or straight after having been involved in an accident (even a minor one), check your side mirrors. When you see they have small cracks or chips, your mirrors are damaged and should be replaced. First Class Auto can replace them for you. Call us today!