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Learn Some Useful Auto Glass Tips


Taking care of your car is more than just being sure you keep up with the necessary engine maintenance. The following are a handful of helpful hints you can use in keeping up with your car’s needs:

Clean Bugs Off Of Your Windshield

Who doesn’t have the issue of getting these annoying little critters splattered up and down their windshield? There are times when just powering up the wipers isn’t enough to make them go away. When that happens, pour some soda onto a rag before wiping down the windshield with it. The acid should get rid of the bugs. Rinse it off with water before wiping it clean once more. You can also use a wet dryer sheet or a mild selection of dish soap.

Remember That Windshield Wipers Are Ultimately Safety Features

It’s suggested that you change them twice a year, which is a good idea. They get worn down over time by cold weather, sunlight exposure, and just the natural process of deterioration.

Don’t Use Hurtful Cleaning Products

Not every cleaner is good for getting your auto glass clean. Household cleaning products often have ammonia, which hurts glass. If you don’t have a particular auto glass cleaning fluid, then just use water and a microfiber towel. That should get the job done while also protecting your auto glass.

Avoid Slamming Your Doors

It might seem innocent enough, but repeatedly slamming a card door might mean that a tiny chip winds up turning into a huge crack. It’s not just the physical force of a car door slam that can impact things, but even the vibrations that the action triggers.

Cover Things Up

If you have the chance to park your vehicle underneath any sort of physical cover, do so. Rain, sunlight, and even the odds of randomly falling pieces of debris might hurt your replacement windshield. Parking under a covered space or in a garage does wonders for your vehicle’s glass.

Watch out For Mold

It’s not unheard of for mold to start growing up inside window seals. Mold spores that aren’t detectable by the naked human eye might funnel in through the vents of your vehicle. In order to avoid this issue, ventilate your vehicle frequently by having the windows rolled down or by using your heat and defroster every once in a while. Keeping your vehicle interior dry can also minimize your odds of mold. Don’t hesitate to call on your local auto glass repairs company for more helpful tips.