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Latest Advances in Windshield Technology


With CEO Elon Musk at the helm, Tesla has been making rapid advances and filling the headlines with their fascinating innovations in the automotive field. The exciting Tesla Model X was an raging success when it made its appearance on the market and one of its most impressive features is the large panoramic windshield. It has been rated the largest all-glass windshield available in the automotive industry and features over 31 square feet of glass. It unique design allows it to stretch behind the driver’s head allowing for unlimited visibility.

This concept was designed to combine the sunroof with the windshield and provide an illuminated cockpit for the driver. The field of vision has been drastically improved and the interior of the car is well illuminated with natural light.

Smart Car Glass

Sometimes automotive innovation will borrow technology developed in other industries. This is the case of electrochromic glass that is being borrowed from commercial buildings and applied to the finest cars. The British Manufacturer of Luxury sports Cars, McLaren, is using electrochromic glass for the upper part of the doors and the sunroof for their Speedtail Hyper-GT model. This model will begin production in 2019 and be seen on the market soon thereafter.

Electrochromic glass, also called Smart Glass, will allow the driver to control the amount of exterior light allowed into the car with the push of a button. This is made possible by special solar films that are affixed to the windshield laminate to be more or less transparent depending on the desires of the driver. This level of transparency can be increased or decreased to any degree.

In the future we can expect these design features to get very advanced. Gone will be the days when the sun visor will need to be swung in place when your turn the corner in a late afternoon. As a matter of fact this will be one of those environmental factors that the windshield responds to naturally and intuitively. This new technology is expected to make driving safer in many different aspects.

Heated Front Windshields

Many brands of cars have begun introducing heated windshields into their car designs. Land Rover, Jaguar and Mercedes all have cars with this feature. In the Pennsylvania winter we enjoy here this feature will allow windows to defog faster than most cars.

This works the same way it does with the heated window but doesn’t have those black lines running across the field of vision. Engineers have found a way to make these completely invisible

Wiper-free Windshields

As of 2019, this fascinating innovation from McLaren is still in development but we are all hoping to see this become a reality in the near future. The idea is a windshield that will not require conventional wipers to remove snow and rain. The idea actually coms form military technology utilizing ultrasonic force. The ideas is that with high frequency soundwave the rain and snow will simply roll right off the glass.

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