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Troubleshoot your broken sunroof – is a ‘pro’ repair really necessary?

A sunroof or moonroof is a great addition to your vehicle, allowing additional light and ventilation and looking great on the open road. They offer some of the benefits of a convertible (without the price tag) but are also relatively child-safe. If you have a car, SUV or MPV with sunroof or moonroof, you can really get used to the convenience and utility, especially in hot weather. But what do you do if you run into problems with your vehicle’s sunroof? Can you get away with a ‘wait and see’ approach? Let’s take a quick look at the most common problems that can affect your sunroof or moonroof.


1) Cracked and chipped moonroof glass

Any cracked glass in your vehicle can be a major headache. Much like your car windshield, sun and moonroofs can get chipped or cracked by gravel, stones, tree branches or other debris while driving. Thankfully the glass is tempered, but if a crack is neglected it is likely to spread and can potentially shatter leaving you with not only a hazard but a costly cleanup and repair. If you encounter chips of cracks on your sunroof a prompt repair or replacement is always best. 


2) A broken or misaligned sunroof track

Your sunroof track is critical to being able to readily open and close your sunroof, ideally at the push of a button. If your sunroof fails to open the track may well be misaligned or failing. Leaving your sunroof half-closed is an obvious security risk so do not hesitate to get a professional repair underway. Even if the roof panel is secured in the closed position any damage may also cause leaking into your car’s interior, so a timely repair is prudent.


3) Sunroof leaks

These occur where the drainage and rubber seal around your sunroof fail, leading to moisture build-up water ingress. This is not only a nuisance while driving but can cause unsightly water damage to your vehicle interior. Get a leaking sunroof addressed to ensure that mildew mold and damp do not build up and the sunroof itself is serviced properly. 

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