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Is Auto Glass Mold an Actual Risk?


Although a rare occurrence for most drivers, mold is not a threat to be dismissed and we must do what we can to protect ourselves and our passengers against the implications of allowing mold to fester. While many of us may never find ourselves having to deal with it, it is a huge problem when it does occur and a particularly large problem for those who reside in the Pacific Northwest, where conditions are decidedly wetter. Even the smallest speck of mold is enough to cause irreversible, and very expensive damage to your car so avoiding it comes highly recommended.

Why should I be worried about mold?

Mold is something that causes havoc on any surface it grows on. Opportunistic in nature, growth accelerates incredibly quickly especially in favourable conditions such as in damp and warmth so it is important to try to curb it as much as you possibly can. Beyond all else, mold can be detrimental to your health and when they begin to nestle upon your vehicle, it is very easy for it to be distributed through your ventilation system. The last thing that you or your passengers want to be doing is breathing in mold.

What increases the risk of mold?

It is really important to consider just how easy it is for mold to grow. One of the biggest risks is when you choose to leave your car in the same spot, especially if the area is uncovered is the risk of increasing mold. Moisture is a breeding ground for mold and when you leave your car, the outside conditions will often increase the risk of moisture, and henceforth mold.

Simple tips to reduce the risk of mold

Turn on the heat and your window defrosters.
Regularly roll down your windows to prevent moisture build-up.
Make sure you keep your interior clean, regularly vacuum and always clean up, especially food debris.
Towel-dry any pooling moisture, ensuring you’re proactive with it.
If you have left your car in the same spot for any length of time, always look for condensation.
Check regularly for damaged and cracked seals.
Inspect all interior and exterior surfaces for any signs of mold.

What to do if I detect a mold problem?

Managing mold is incredibly important and should you, at any point, suspect that this is a problem, you must be proactive in dealing with it to prevent any further damage. First Class Auto can make the checks for you. It is important to understand that if the mold is severe, or even increase, you cannot drive the car. In the instance where moisture is pooling around the edges of windows or surfaces, wiping down with a cloth and disinfectant will go a long way to aiding the problem.

Ultimately, however, you need to have your car seen as soon as possible by a professional you can call because once mold takes hold, you will need to have the glass replaced in its entirety. It is best to look out for professional mold remediation services, who will quickly be able to solve the problem before it does any long-lasting damage.