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In-Shop Or Mobile Windshield Replacement?

In-Shop Or Mobile Windshield Replacement?

Driving with a cracked windshield is a major hazard, so you need to address it as early as possible. The best way to do it is by having your windshield repaired or replaced by professionals. The big question is whether to have this done in the shop or by using a mobile service.


Many of our customers lack the time to bring their vehicle to our shop for repairs. They are aware of the hazard of driving with a cracked windshield, yet they can’t find the time to have it replaced or repaired. If you are one of these people who live on a busy schedule, you might want to choose mobile windshield replacement.

Car owners can schedule their mobile windshield repair or replacement. The technician will come to you, bringing the new windshield and all tools required to do the job. Most of our clients pick their home or their workplace as meeting points. This allows them to save time by not having to commute to meet the technician.


The windshield is part of a car’s structural support system. A damaged windshield is a major safety concern. It obstructs your visibility while driving, but it also lowers the ability of your car to protect you in the event of an accident. This is why you should treat a cracked windshield as an emergency and have it fixed as quickly as possible.


The windshield replacement operation takes about one house to complete, whether you choose the in-shop or the mobile option. Nevertheless, the car isn’t safe to drive right after the work has been completed. The materials require between two and four hours to cure. Always make sure you check this out with the company providing you the windshield replacement service.

Weather Conditions

If you’re thinking to choose mobile glass services, remember to take into consideration the weather conditions. On bad weather, technicians may recommend you bring your car to their shop to have this job done. The result of a windshield replacement depends on the wind, temperature, and humidity conditions.

In the case of extreme outdoor temperatures, adhesives used to hold the windshield in place become less effective. This is something to worry about when seeking for mobile windshield replacement. Although modern urethane materials can be effective even in zero degrees Fahrenheit conditions, older generation ones are not. This is why it’s usually a good idea to ask your glass technician about all these details before making your choice.

Reach out a professional auto glass repair shop in your area when you need repair services. Contact us to see your options.