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 How To Take Care Of Your Windshield Wipers

 How To Take Care Of Your Windshield Wipers

Quite often we come across small scratches and also blemishes on the windshield of our cars. If we look closer and find out the reason, it is quite possible that the wipers of the windshield may be the culprits. Wipers that are faulty may lead to minor but clearly noticeable damage to your costly windshields over a period of time. If it is left unchecked and unattended, it may lead to tough and dangerous driving conditions. This is all the more true when we are driving in the nights, or when driving in inclement weather conditions like snow and rains. The damages streaks on the windshield glasses may block the view. Many people complain of difficulty in noticing road signs, curves and also oncoming traffic. If you come across such damages, it should be taken seriously and you must contact the right service provider to set things right.

How Windshields Get Damaged by Windshield Wipers?

Windshields have rubber edges that get damaged and they wear out with the passage of time. This exposes the metal part of the windshield wipers and the metal part constantly rubs the windshield glass. It scraps the surface of the glass as the wiper moves from one side to the other side. When this happens constantly and if unchecked it could lead to damage of the windshield.

Why Driving With Faulty Wipers Is Dangerous?

Over a period of time, scratched and damaged windshield could lead to problems such as:

When wipers are working, water streaks may appear and this could lead to distractions in while driving.

Hazardous reflections of headlamps from oncoming cars and sunlight could lead to higher chances of accidents. The overall vision of the road ahead could get reduced significantly.

Wiper blades also get fully damaged because of rubbing with glass surface.

It is Important to Replace Windshield or Repair It

Because of the above risks, you must not waste time in either repairing damaged windshield or having it replaced if possible. Please bring your car to us for a complete inspection. Our technicians after inspection will find out the damage and recommend the way forward. We will find out if the windshield can be repaired. In most cases, we will remove the scratches by polishing the windshield. Our endeavor will be to bring back the windshield to its original condition.

If this is not possible, we may recommend replacement of the windshield. We are capable of offering OIM glasses or original factor windshields. We help in having the same fitted thoroughly. We are sure after repair or replacement of the windshields you will be able to see a marked improvement in driving and your driving will become easier and stress free to a large extent.

We can help in replacing old wipers and recommend the appropriate replacements of wiper blades. You can purchase the right car wipers based on our expert suggestion and recommendation.

A Reputed Windshield Replacement Center in The City

Please bring your vehicle to First Class Auto in case you need repair or replacement of the windshield or even replacement of the windshield wipers. We have expertise and the wherewithal to provide full replacement of windshields of different vehicles. We also undertake repair of windshields that are cracked. We cater to all types of vehicles, both domestic and foreign. We are capable of handling both commercial and domestic vehicles in the city. Give us a call  today!