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How To Stay Alert And Focused When Driving


Whether you are headed out on an adventure or driving to work, getting distracted while driving is a lot easier than you might think. In fact, in 2015, distracted driving was responsible for over 390,000 injuries. The year after that, it caused approximately 3,450 deaths. These alarming statistics come straight from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Check out these tips to start driving more safely today.

Eliminate Distractions In Your Vehicle

Anytime you are driving, you should be entirely focused on the road ahead of you and the traffic around you. Taking your attention away from the road for even a second can have tragic consequences. Getting rid of distractions includes:

– Pulling off to the side of the road if you need to use your phone or adjust the GPS. If you have a hands-free option on your phone, you can use that as long as you are careful.

– Turning down the music so that it isn’t too loud. You may even want to try turning off the stereo altogether.

– Avoiding getting too caught up in conversing with your passengers.

Don’t Drive If You Are Tired

Researchers have found that sleepy drivers behave similarly to drunk drivers. Being tired while driving can decrease your ability to react quickly and can also lead to problems like weaving on the road. Ideally, you should wait until you have slept before you drive. You can also try these tips to feel more alert:

– Lay down for a nap before you head out.

– Drink a cup of coffee or any other type of beverage that contains caffeine.

– Turn on the radio and crack the windows so that you get fresh air.

– Ask someone else in the vehicle to take turns driving with you.

Pay Attention To Obstacles Or Other Potential Hazards

Scan the road carefully, looking for anything that could get in your way. Don’t follow the vehicles in front of you too closely. This is especially important with large trucks since their tires can throw rocks at your windshield. Any cracks in your windshield that interfere with your vision should be repaired immediately.

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