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How to Remove the 10 Most Difficult Things from Car Glass

  1. Window Tint

Use a heat gun or hairdryer at high temperatures to remove the adhesive in the window tint. Hold a couple of inches from the glass. If there is any resin stuck to the window, use a plain cloth to clean it.


  1. Decals

Decals on the glass are detached with water and should be scraped with plastic scrapers. In the case of rebel vinyl decals, it is essential to heat the area to a high temperature, and the adhesive will peel off.


  1. Tree Sap

The best option is to use alcohol on a cloth and place it on the sap for a minute. Subsequently, use that cloth to rub the area.


  1. Spray Paint

Use a plastic blade in one direction and with long strokes over the area with spray paint. The remaining paint on the glass can be removed by facing it with a cloth with acetone polish remover.


  1. Gum

Place ice on the gum to harden it and make it easier to remove it from the glass. Keep it a few minutes and then remove the remaining gum. Spray the area with cleaning agents so that it does not remain sticky.


  1. Bugs

Use specific sprays or soak the area with WD-40 oil and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, rub the glass with a kitchen sponge and then with a microfiber cloth.


  1. Acid Rain Stains

The most recommended and economical solution is to rub the glass with a cloth after spraying a solution of white vinegar and water.


  1. Water Spots

Use the same strategy above. Spray white vinegar with water and let stand a few minutes. Then rinse it and dry it with a dry cloth.


  1. Ice

The most effective way to dissolve ice on glass is to spray it with a solution of alcohol and water. The glass will not freeze again.


  1. Wiper Marks

Use an alcohol cloth with the glass cleaner to clean the windshield stripes. Also, clean the blades under the wipers.

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