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How to Remove Snow Properly from Your Windshield


How to Remove Snow Properly from Your Windshield

Many people find it challenging to remove snow from the windshield, particularly during the winter months or those who live in polar climates. Basically, getting rid of ice and snow from your windshield should be an integral part of your daily routine. Of course, there are right and wrong ways of doing it. Cracking, scratching, or chipping the glass should be avoided when maintaining your windshield. Actually, any of these things can happen, especially when the glass reaches the freezing points due to its sensitivity. So what is the right way of getting rid of snow from your windshield? Let’s find out!


The fact that scraping is recommended, it should be done gently. Notwithstanding, hot water should never, and we mean NEVER, be poured on the windshield covered by the ice. Basically, the sudden change in temperature can tailor the glass to shatter or crack. Besides, never try cracking the ice using a screwdriver or a key as this will gear chipping away the ice and the glass. That’s why scraping is recommended!

The technique of ice scraping depends on the tool and the method used. The ridged side of a plastic ice scraper should be used because it is specifically made for this task. Basically, it is gentle on the glass yet hard on the ice. A plastic ice scraper is the only recommended tool for this task. In order to break the ice into a chunk, make sure that you make vertical slashes down the window, finally across the window surface.

Snow vs. Ice

Sometimes, you’ll find snow, particularly on top of the frozen ice. In such cases, it is recommended to use a snow brush. Of course, there is a specific tool for this task; however, a standard broom can be utilized. The objective is brushing the snow away, displaying the ice layer below. Next, in order to break the ice into chunks, make vertical slashes downwards, then scrape across the window surface. There is no need to fret this winter. Not unless you use other measures like keeping your car indoors or placing a cover on the windshield, the ice and snow are unavoidable. Thankfully, for every problem, there is always a solution.

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