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How To Make Your Own Windshield Wiper Fluid


Winter is the time when all drivers use large quantities of windshield wiper fluid. This article shows you how to save money by preparing your own fluid at home.

Why Choose DIY Windshield Wiper Fluid

There are a few good advantages to making your own windshield wiper fluid. You can benefit from the same cleaning effectiveness offered by brand-name fluids, for only a fraction of the cost. This DIY solution uses ingredients that are inexpensive and very easy to find. In addition, such homemade fluids are more environmentally friendly than the ones you find in stores.

How To Make Windshield Wiper Fluid At Home

While there are many DIY washer fluid recipes available, we prefer the following one. We include rubbing alcohol in the mix to prevent the fluid from freezing on extremely cold nights. We also add food coloring to make sure the liquid is easy to identify. The last thing we want is that someone ingests this fluid by accident.

Ingredients: rubbing alcohol, blue food coloring, dishwasher liquid and distilled water.

Take a plastic gallon jug and cut its top to open it. Mix the windshield wiper solution inside this container.

Pour about three quarts (three liters) of distilled water into the jug.
Add one and a half cups of rubbing alcohol.
Add half cup of liquid dishwashing soap.
Next, pour 10 drops of blue food coloring into the mix.

The last step is to mix the ingredients in the container with a paint mixing stick to make the fluid homogeneous. Now you can either use it or store it for later. If you don’t want to pour all of it into the car right away, store it in a tightly secured container, in a safe place, out of the reach of children.

How To Refill Your Windshield Fluid Reservoir

Most windshield fluid tanks have a blue or black lid featuring a windshield fluid icon. Others bear the mention “washer fluid only.” If you can’t find yours, check out the car owner’s manual to locate it.
Unscrew and remove the lid.

Use a funnel to pour your DIY windshield wiper fluid into the reservoir. Make sure you don’t exceed the fill line marked on the side of the reservoir. There has to be an empty space at the top of the reservoir, so that the pump works properly.

The last thing to do is to put the lid back on the wiper fluid reservoir. Screw it tightly. Next, carefully put the prop rod into its original position, close the car hood and hit the road. If you want to get your windshield fluid reservoir filled, stop by First Class Auto. Come by or give us a call today.