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How To Identify The Uses And Names Of Automotive Glass


There are many different kinds of auto glass. It is essential for car owners to have a good understanding of how those components are made and what their purpose is. Comprehensive and quality automotive glass services are offered by First Class Auto.

Front Windshield

The windshield is often the very first piece of glass you will come across on most vehicles. In European cars, it is also referred to as the windscreen. The windshield actually plays a very important role in helping to support your car’s structure and protecting passengers ad the driver.

Front Vent Windows

As we move from the windshield in the direction of the rear part of the vehicle, the side vent windows might be the next piece of glass that we encounter. Older vehicles feature them more often. On the other hand, many newer vehicles have molded door glass where one piece of glass replaces the vent windows. Vent windows are triangular small pieces of glass that have their own frames that fit into the door frame and window.

Side Door Windows

A car’s door windows next to the passenger seats that roll up and down might be controlled by an electronic button or a manual level. One difference between the rear and front window is, on some cars, the rear door glass doesn’t roll down all the way for child safety purposes.

Quarter Glass

These are small windows that are located in the vehicle’s rear body panel. Usually, you cannot open quarter glass.

Rear Windshield

Similar to the front windshield, the rear windshield might have a wiper unit, defrosting wires, and an embedded antenna. In some cars, the rear glass isn’t fixed but instead may lower the way that door glass does. There are some models of pickup trucks that come with rear slider windows.

Specialty Roofs, Mooroofs, and Sunroofs

Sunroofs and moonroofs are very popular ways to increase natural light and airflow inside a car’s interior. There are usually different ways that they open: completely open or tilt up as a vent. Typically, all-glass roofs and panoramic roofs are in a fixed position. However, you can open some newer models.

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