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How To Cover A Broken Car Window


No one wants to have to deal with broken car glass. However, making sure the window is protected until it can be repaired is an essential step. Whether that glass was broken in an accident, in a smash and grab event or shattered by hail, all car owners need to know how to deal with this problem.

Supplies Needed To Cover a Broken Window

Micro-fiber cloth
Masking tape
Thick work gloves

A high-density plastic garbage bag can be used to temporarily cover a broken window. However, your temporary car window will not provide you with great ability to see until you have a chance to replace it. If a clear plastic bag is used you will at least be able to see color and light in your field of vision.


1. Preparation

Put on your work gloves to keep your hands protected before you handle any glass shards. Having a container or bag which will simplify recycling or disposal of the material.

2. Get Rid of the Broken Glass and then Clean Up Around the Window

You will then need to prepare the surfaces around your window to ensure good adhesion. It is very important to clear away any buildup, dust, and dirt so the tape covering sticks well. A damp cloth should be used to clean all sides of the car frame and the window seal.

3. Position Your Plastic Covering

From inside of your car put the plastic on top of the window frame in the proper position. Hold your bag against the frame’s top edge and temporarily place it in position with a couple of pieces of masking tape. Do not use any other type of tape since they can damage the paint on your car or make it hard to take off the glass later on.

4. Secure Your Plastic Covering

Prepare 6-10 masking tape pieces. Smooth out the plastic flat and then pull it over to one of the sides of the car’s frame. Attach the plastic around all sides of the window. Stretch the plastic taut and don’t allow it to be slack on the surface since it will end up flapping in the wind and be very noisy while you are driving.

5. Seal the Window Protectant

Use tape for reinforcing the seal on your window. Using another layer of tape also can help to keep the first plastic cover in one place even if the air pressure is very strong or moisture comes in as you are driving. Be sure there are not any holes in between the frame and plastic where water and air can leak into the car. Any gaps will add to the chances of the reinforcement tearing before getting to repair the window.

6. Add on a Second Layer to the Outside of the Window

If you will need your temporary covering to hold up in bad weather, over the weekend, or for several days, adding a second layer of plastic is a good idea.

Safety Concerns

Please note that when you cover a window is does decrease your range of vision while you are driving. If you have a broken window, drive extra carefully and reduce your speed and call a professional auto glass repair shop as soon as possible.