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How To Care For A New Windshield

How To Care For A New Windshield

You just had a new windshield installed on your car, what next? Although the windshield might have been installed correctly, a simple unintended error or mistake could put it at an even greater risk. While replacing a windshield generally takes around 40 minutes, experts’ advice against driving the car immediately. You need to let the car/windshield sit undisturbed for a few minutes (at least an hour) before taking the car for a spin. The gentle vibrations as the car moves could de-stabilize the binding components hence an increased risk of the windshield coming off. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to care for a recently installed windshield.

1. Let The Car Sit For At Least One Hour

Urethane, the compound used to install windshields takes much longer to dry properly. Leave the car to rest and for the urethane to rest for at least one hour before going for a drive. Although you might be able to drive the car an hour after the installation, one still needs to be careful not to drive too fast. The binding compound takes several hours to cure properly. If possible, leave the car in the garage for several hours to ensure urethane is strong enough to pass the Federal Safety Standards. You can also schedule a windshield replacement with a trusted company when not using the car.

2. Avoid Washing The Car For At Least 24 Hours

As mentioned earlier, urethane takes much longer to cure. It might take more than 12 hours for the compound to seal completely. That said, it’s best to leave the car dry and avoid getting it wet at all costs. Don’t try to wash the car yourself nor take it to the car wash. The high-pressure jets could damage the seal

3. Leave A Little Space On The Windows For 24 Hours

The air inside the car will expand as the temperature rises. This might put undesired pressure on the freshly installed windshield. Leaving a small space on the windows for air circulation would be an excellent way to prevent this.

4. Do Not Slam the Doors

Avoid anything that will cause unnecessary vibrations and pressure changes in the car. Drive slowly and carefully for the first few hours and avoid potholes and bumpy roads when you can for the next few days.

The first several hours and days are crucial after a windshield installation. Our company strives to ensure you are safe before letting you drive your car. Our technicians will guide you on what to do to ensure the windshield remains secured and safe for that period.

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