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Gorilla Glass Is The Future For Windshields


The automotive industry is under constant disruption where emerging technologies translate into improved car efficiency and safety. Currently, there is an innovation in windshield glass that grants enormous advantages for both passengers and drivers. The new development is Gorilla Glass.

This innovative glass has been deployed on smartphones to make sure they are lightweight, durable and crystal clear, now it is set to be used in the car industry. Although carmakers have received the new development enthusiastically consumers are still doubtful. The following is a brief description of what Gorilla Glass is, the benefits it provides to windshields and how it handles damage.

What is Gorilla Glass?

An immense 4.5 billion electronic gadgets all over the world are currently manufactured using glass that is chemically treated. Tablets, smartphones, watches and other electronics gain from improved lightness, durability and visibility. Now, Corning has created a new kind of windshield that utilizes an identical technique to offer these benefits to drivers.

Gorilla Glass is produced by immersing the car glass into molten salt triggering a chemical process whereby sodium ions on the skin are substituted with potassium ions. Consequently, the processed glass turns into the middle sheet of a coated glass sandwich. This internal film is just half a millimeter thick and weighs 75% less than the glass it substitutes. The outcome is the lightest, thinnest and toughest windshield that has ever been fixed onto a vehicle.

What are the Advantages of Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla Glass use on cars has four key benefits; improved safety factors, visibility, durability, and efficiency.

Improved Safety

The number one priority in the automotive industry is safety. Gorilla Glass is designed to increase the ability to move and control the car. Since it is lightweight in comparison to earlier windshield glass, cars can achieve improved braking efficiency and handling.

Increased Durability

Windshield technicians recognize that flying objects and debris flung into the air on the road are the major reasons for windshield damage. Gorilla Glass windshields are more durable and highly resistant to shattering and cracking.

Increased Efficiency

Regular windshields normally weigh 40 pounds; on the other hand, Gorilla Glass cuts the overall weight by approximately 40% as claimed by Corning. Due to their lightweight characteristic, using Gorilla Glass could improve the vehicle’s full efficiency and hence reduce toxic CO2 emissions.

Better Visibility

From their seats, passengers and drivers also notice the enhanced visibility that Gorilla Glass provides, as it is crystal clear and distortion-free. Automotive experts have stated that Gorilla Glass has three times better optical clarity that ensures it delivers brighter and clearer windows that support a three times bigger viewing field.

Is Windshield Damage Less Likely?

Initial tests of this new generation car glass have produced some encouraging results.

When compared to traditional windshields Gorilla Glass has been presented as more flexible. Therefore, it is more resilient against hail damage even at high speeds.

Also, the laminated glass can withstand hits from gravel or blunt stones, reducing its possibility of chipping. If you want to learn more about Gorilla Glass or any other glass for your windshield, give us a call at First Class Auto, our knowledgeable staff can direct you in the right path.