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Easy Steps To Defog Your Car Windows Quickly!


During the winter months, you will be frequently dealing with fog. Normally, when external cold air meets the window’s surface which is warm from heat inside, condensation arises. The fog created can limit visibility to a huge extent.

What Makes Car Windows get Fogged Up?

Cold winter temperatures lead to lower relative humidity. Generally, the cool air holds reduced moisture amounts compared to warmer, interior environments. When you enter your car with snow on your boots or with a wet jacket you are likely to increase the humidity in its interior.

Which Steps Can I Take To Defog My Windows Quickly?

The following are four simple steps you can take to defog your vehicle’s glass quickly. And they are backed by science and straightforward.

Increase Your Car Heat

This should be your initial action. Immediately after getting into your car, increase the heat level to full blast. High heat levels in the interior will swiftly absorb any moisture in the car.

Power on the Air Conditioning

Second, power on your car’s air conditioning system. Won’t it make the foggy windows worse? No! It assists in absorbing the extra moisture in the car.

Turn off Air Recirculation

The next step in defogging your windows is to power off the air recirculation function. This is a climate control system that can be turned off by pressing the button displaying a curved arrow in a vehicle sign. To speed up moisture elimination, you need cold air from the outside coming into the car. This is because external air holds less moisture as compared to the interior of the car which experiences larger temperature fluctuations.

Open the Side Windows Slightly

Finally, it is crucial to crack open the side windows just a bit. Though this may be uncomfortable for the car occupants, it is necessary for a few minutes. You should open all windows as much as you can, to defrost the windshield in the shortest time possible. The humid air in your car will be quickly replaced by the drier air from outside.

How Do I Avoid a Foggy Windshield?

The first step is to wipe and prepare the windshield. We advise that you use a superior-quality, ammonia-free cleaner and wipe using a microfiber towel.

Then, the second step is to degrease the glass. A surface cleaner, specifically an alcohol-based one, which removes lubricants and oil works best. This cleaner will eliminate any spots of grease and ready the glass for the application of the anti-fog solution.

Afterward, apply an anti-fog product on the inner part of the windshield. You do this by spraying it on its micro-suede applicator. Several direct spray squirts onto the applicator’s surface will be sufficient. Then proceed to wipe the windshield with this product beginning with vertical strokes and later horizontal ones. Then leave it to dry as per the product instructions, usually for about 2 to 5 minutes.

Lastly, polish the windshield surface using a dry and clean microfiber towel.

At First Class Auto we can do this for you. If you give us a call you can have all your questions about foggy glasses answered.