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Don’t Let Windshield Repair Scams Fool You


Whenever it is time for your vehicle to be worked on, it is critical for you to hire the most experienced and reputable technicians. Auto window repair is as essential as any other kind of car repair. Therefore, be very careful of who you hire to work on your vehicle. Unfortunately, there are some scammers who look to take advantage of individuals with car windshield replacement and repair. The following are some things to watch out for to ensure you are not scammed. Were not saying all windshield salesman are scams were saying do your due diligence.

The Approach

If anyone approaches you about repairing a crack in your car’s windshield, turn around and walk away immediately if you are feeling uncomfortable or what the person is telling you seems to be false. Scammers frequently try approaching individuals in a parking lot and will offer to do the work right on the spot. Although certified auto glass technicians do have mobile capabilities, professionals do not try to force anyone to use their company. Before agreeing to have anyone repair your vehicle do a quit google search on their company. In some extreme cases, scammers may actually cause damage to your windshield and then masquerade as a helpful passerby who will provide you with auto glass repair quickly.

The Warranty

Reputable auto glass repair professionals always offer a written warranty on their work. If you ask the technician about a warranty and they try to avoid your question, definitely walk away. Professionals who offer quality services do not have any problems with backing their work up with a warranty. Also, experienced auto glass providers have windshield repair down to an absolute science, so they have no problem offering a warranty.If the salesman does not offer a warranty in writing walk away.

The Process

Whenever you are having any type of work done to your car, it is recommended that you get a written estimate ahead of time. This is critical and something you shouldn’t need to ask for. If anyone suggests doing any type of car window repair or replacement off the books, that is a big red flag. Another tactic that scammers often use is cashback deals that incentivize a insured to file a glass claim when no actual damage is present. It’s is NEVER ok to lie to your insurance company in hopes to get cash back or any gift.

The Insurance

Insurance policies often cover window glass replacement and repair. In the meantime, scammers and fraudulent services claim to carry insurance. Contact your insurance company to find out if they are telling the truth or not.

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