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Does Your Insurance Cover Windshield Damage?


It can be difficult to understand what is covered under your car insurance policy and what is excluded. Your insurance policy details may not be a huge concern until you need to replace or repair your windshield. However, when having a broken or dented windshield most vehicle owners need to know if it is covered.

Not all kinds of insurance or insurance policies cover damage to the windshield. Discover what comprehensive, liability and collision insurance will cover when replacing or fixing windshields.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive insurance has coverage for shattered, chipped, scratched or cracked windshields in most cases. Coverage normally involves replacement and repair for the destruction caused by various things such as:

Hail or ice,

Rocks and gravel,

Animal collisions for example with a deer,

Theft or vandalism

Storms and other natural calamities,

If the cause of the windshield break is anything other than a car accident comprehensive insurance is your prime solution for covering a glass replacement or windshield repair.

To be certain, contact your insurance provider for clarification. Confirm that your policy covers car glass damage not arising from car accidents, and especially repair of windshields.

Check Your Insurance Deductible

A lot of comprehensive insurance which support car glass repairs and replacement maintain quite a high deductible percentage for car glass. Some policies will require the deductible for windshield replacement but will not demand it for repairs. Before lodging a claim for windshield replacement or repair ensure that the deductible amount is less than the overall cost estimate for the work.

Get to understand whether it is possible to get a waiver on the deductible for replacement of the windshield.

Alterations to Your Insurance Premium

If the damage is not from a car accident, a car glass repair or windshield replacement is not supposed to impact your premium.

Process for Filing an Insurance Claim

Step one, it is advisable to file a claim for repairs or new glass immediately. Consequently, your insurance provider will determine whether your claim is legitimate per your policy. The agent may need extra details or request for an inspection to check and assess the degree of damage.

Then, it will be necessary to identify a dependable car glass repair garage. Also, it is within reason to demand a reimbursement of costs from your insurance company after the repair work is done.

Full Glass Insurance Coverage

Drivers can select full glass insurance to supplement their comprehensive insurance. It covers windshield repair expenses or replacement without requiring a deductible amount.

Other Kinds of Insurance

Collision insurance and liability insurance shoulder the expenses of windshield replacement or repair when damage results from an accident. Unfortunately, this is the only circumstance under which the cost is covered.

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