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Do Car Dealers Provide Windshield Replacement?


Which Windshield Replacement Service is Reliable?

You will discover that car glass technicians provide advantages such as suitable mobile services and reduced prices. When it comes to the windshield being installed, conformity with special driver support features and insurance coverage, replacement done by a glass shop and a dealership are almost on a similar level.


A high percentage of car owners ask us about the cost of replacing a windshield. The amount charged is a key consideration for a majority. Based on market statistics, dealers typically charge $150 – $300 above the price quoted by auto glass specialists. This applies to any vehicle make and model, and also for luxury brands as well as economy cars.

Why do dealerships charge a premium for windshield replacement? In some cases, dealerships outsource replacement work to mobile glass providers, who conduct the replacement on-site. Then, the dealership will add its margin to its replacement cost when providing the price estimate of the windshield replacement to the vehicle owner.

Glass Type

The major contributing factor to the price variation between a car glass shop and a dealership is the glass type installed. Normally, dealers are forced to hike their prices to cover original equipment manufactured (OEM’s) cost. An OEM windshield is manufactured by the actual producer and is similar to the windshield that came with the car when it was new. But, by and large, aftermarket glass quality matches that of OEMs.

Insurance Provisions

Certain insurance companies may demand that OEM glass is used for windshield replacement for vehicles under two years. First, go through your insurance policy to confirm that there are no specific restrictions on insurance usage. Specialized auto glass shops and authorized dealerships have the capacity to comply with conditions needed to guarantee complete coverage for conditions within your collision or comprehensive insurance policy.


On-site and emergency mobile services can only be provided by a specialized car glass repair outlet. The time saved and convenience provided by using mobile glass services attracts some customers to select this option.

Ask a professional auto glass repair shop about windshield replacement for your vehicle. Don’t delay to contact us.