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Discover Why Windshield Cracks Spread


Windshields provide part of the safety to passengers in vehicles. Even so, they are somewhat fragile. Regardless of where you live it’s possible the windshield might crack. Having a small crack in the windshield is not particularly dangerous. When more than one crack develops or the crack begins to spread then it could reduce the level of safety you and the passengers have. Here you can discover why windshield cracks spread.

The windshield helps protect you from rain, heat, wind noise, and air pressure as well as other types of bad weather. The design of windshields continues to improve and adapt to the various conditions they face around the world. An example of this would be a heated windshield for those in cold regions. This allows it to defrost easily and automatically. In other areas where the temperatures might be quite hot then there is the option for an athermic windshield. This helps reduce the temperature that would take place inside the car.

A Damaged Windshield Is A Big Risk

Most people don’t think much about a crack in the windshield. The problem is that you’re taking a risk every time you drive it with that damage and you’re also putting the passengers at risk. This means that it’s important that any damage to the windshield should be taken seriously. If a crack is left untreated then it can spread and cause damage to the whole windshield. If this is allowed to happen then instead of being able to repair the crack you’ll end up having to replace the entire thing. The cost will be substantially more.

How To Prevent A Crack In The Windshield From Spreading

The first step is to do an evaluation of the damage itself. Once done, then you can determine the repairs necessary for the damage to the windshield so it can be appropriately repaired. If a small crack is smaller than a foot long then it can easily be repaired. If the damage becomes longer than that, then you will likely have to replace the whole windshield.

A temporary fix for a crack is to use super-glue. If for any reason you aren’t able to get an actual repair kit then in its place you can use super-glue as a temporary fix for small cracks. All you have to do is put the glue on the scratch and then spread it over it evenly. This will at least temporarily stop the crack from spreading. You should let the glue completely dry before you use the car again.

Don’t have the car in temperatures that are too extreme. Avoiding the sun can help reduce the spread of a crack. If the car is exposed to extreme temperatures or the sun too much then the crack might grow.

When driving, use caution and drive very carefully. Try to stay away from hitting potholes when possible and try to stay off rough roads so that it doesn’t make the damage worse. This will help the windshield to last longer.

As soon as possible have it repaired by a professional. You can save some money by repairing it yourself if you can do it professionally. But most people can’t and it’s therefore recommended that you use a genuine professional to do the repair. Contacting a professional who specializes in automotive glass repair is recommended. Follow these tips to prevent the spread of a crack until you can have it professionally repaired and give us a call today!