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Common Faults That You Should Observe After An Auto Window Replacement

Common Faults That You Should Observe After An Auto Window Replacement

It is a hustle and daunting task getting an auto glass replacement service provider who can produce quality results. You all want the replacement procedure to be done right without compromising any integrity issue. The deal is you don’t have to settle on substandard services by acquiring a windshield or car window that will not serve you as anticipated. Some service providers are money-oriented and you need to be conscious to avoid becoming prey to unscrupulous auto glass service providers. You need a company that has a wealth of experience and expertise in performing auto glass replacement procedures. Our company has a team of dedicated individuals who are well trained to perform auto windshield and window car repair and replacement.

Below are some common issues that you should be wary about.

Water Leaks

One of the ideal ways of inspecting your car window or windshield for quality is testing whether it leaks. One thing should go to your mind when you notice such a defect on your newly installed car window. If you haven’t had the opportunity to drive your car on a rainy day you may decide to use the following methods.

Soapy Water Test

The soap water test works by simply pouring soapy water along the edges and corners of your car window or windshield. It is wise to conduct a thorough test by using an air nozzle to emphasize the flow along the edges. If you spot some bubbles forming you know get a good conviction that the installer did a shoddy job.

Hose Test.

You need another person to help you conduct the inspection. The inspection requires one party to stay inside the vehicle and the other outside holding a hose. The one holding the hose should spray the auto glass or windshield with water. You can use a regular hose with a regulated pressure force. Let the individual on the inside of the car observe whether they’ll be water coming out of the outer edges of the windshield or windows.

Be on the lookout for a leak which will help you determine the quality of the work done during the installation. A positive leak result will imply that the installation procedure was not done with precision and deft. It also an indication that you need to take your vehicle back to an auto glass repair shop to get the seal redone.

Unusual Sounds at High Speeds

Another good indication and test you ought to conduct is taking your car for a ride after the replacement procedure and observe whether the window or windshield produces an unusual “whooshing” sound. When you get a positive observation it should raise red flags on the eligibility and performance of the auto glass service provider. To help eliminate your doubts, get a professional hand to see where the core problem is and have it rectified before you head out for another replacement.

Wavy or Blurry Glass

A well-installed window or windshield should appear smooth and crystal clear. If you spot anything contrary to the expected like a wavy, blurry or bumpy appearance bear it in mind that you didn’t get the value of your money back. Get a service provider who works with OEM or manufacturer-produced glass for better quality.

Finally, its good to start on the right foot with your auto window and windshield service provider. Choose us for quality results and friendly rates. We will help you achieve value for what you spend for the auto window replacement course. You deserve to work with an experienced and reliable team. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.