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Common Causes Of Cracks In Windshields

Common Causes Of Cracks In Windshields

Even though minor chips in your windshield may not seem like a big deal, they need to be repaired right away. Otherwise, they could grow, eventually becoming too large to repair. To avoid having to pay for a new windshield, it is best to fix small chips right away.

Common Causes Of Windshield Cracks

Following Construction Vehicles – Vehicles that are used in the construction industry frequently carry loose materials like gravel or dirt. This debris can easily come loose, hitting your windshield and causing chips or cracks. To avoid problems when driving near one of these vehicles, increase your following distance or move to a different lane.

Weak Glass – The glass that is used in low-quality windshields sometimes isn’t strong enough to withstand even a minor amount of stress without cracking. If your vehicle came with one of these inferior-grade windshields, you should opt for a higher-quality model the next time you have it replaced.

Improper Installation – Windshields that are installed incorrectly or that are improperly sized for your vehicle can pose a serious danger. The natural vibrations that occur when you are driving down the road can cause damage to the windshield. In severe cases, the windshield itself can even come loose.

Accidental Damage – If you park your car in an area where children play, the odds of a stray ball or Frisbee damaging your windshield are relatively high. Even though this type of damage is unintentional, it occurs with surprising frequency in areas where a lot of families live like apartment complexes or housing subdivisions.

Fluctuations In Temperature – Any rapid changes in temperature can create stress fractures in the glass. To reduce the risk of damage, try not to park your vehicle directly in the sunlight. If your windshield is frosted, warm it up slowly with the defroster in your vehicle to avoid accidental damage.

Heat Exposure – When the windshield in your car heats up in the sun, the center of the glass expands at a different rate than the edges. This type of uneven expansion can cause cracking, resulting in the need for a new windshield. You can prevent this problem by keeping your car in a garage or finding a place to park that is not directly in the sun.

Changes In Pressure – Cracks can appear in your windshield when there are dramatic changes in pressure levels. For instance, if something presses against your windshield with a lot of force, it can cause it to crack. Traveling at super-fast speeds can also cause problems, as can blast waves from explosions.

Hail Damage – Large pieces of hail can cause cracks in your windshield – particularly if you are driving down the road. The combined force of the hail falling from the sky and the forward motion of your vehicle can easily be high enough to cause cracks. If it starts hailing, slow down or find a safe place to stop to reduce the risk of damage.

Tree-Related Damage – If you park your vehicle under a tree, any branches, nuts, or other pieces of debris that fall can cause cracks in your windshield. Even though parking in the shade of a tree is appealing, you need to be aware of the danger.

Your windshield not only helps protect you when you drive – it also plays a key role in the structural integrity of your vehicle. If you have chips or cracks in your windshield that are bigger than a quarter, you will need to replace it. Chips that are smaller than that can most likely be repaired. The only exception is if the chip or crack is directly in front of the driver where it could impair their vision. In that case, replacing the windshield is the best option.

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