Sandblasted Windshield – What Is It?

Sandblasted Windshield - What Is It?

There is no doubt in saying that sandblasted windshields are a big threat to both commercial and personal vehicle drivers. So if you are dealing with sandblasted windshields, then First Class Auto can help you with that. We can clean all the stubborn dirt and debris and make your windshield look as good as new. … Read more

Do Car Dealers Provide Windshield Replacement?


Which Windshield Replacement Service is Reliable? You will discover that car glass technicians provide advantages such as suitable mobile services and reduced prices. When it comes to the windshield being installed, conformity with special driver support features and insurance coverage, replacement done by a glass shop and a dealership are almost on a similar level. … Read more

Why You Should Fix Your Windshield Immediately!


Avoid waiting until the damage is too much, even minor cracks and chips should be fixed immediately. The following are four reasons why you should have expert technicians repair your windshield right away. Car Glass Repair is Covered by Your Insurance Comprehensive car insurance covers the repair of cracks and scratches on your windshield. Besides, … Read more