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First Class Auto Glass of Holiday ,Florida is the auto glass shop other glass shops turn to.

Cash Back Auto Glass

The truth of the matter. Small auto glass shops across the United States are  being pushed out of the market by one of their competitors you might of heard of, Safelite solutions and Safelite auto glass have cornered the market in the US and abroad and actually answers the phone calls for a MASS majority of insurance companies when a insured calls there respective insurance company to file a claim. Safelite then steers the insured to use there services effectively monopolizing the auto glass industry from the very first call a insured makes. Small auto glass shops across the nation have turned to door to door sales and offering cash back in order to obtain a small portion of the work in the area they service. While currently legal offers of cash back not only hurt the auto glass shops that do it but also the industry as a whole, it is never ok for a salesman to entice a insured to file a glass claim for the sole reason of a gift or money. Here at First Class Auto Glass we may occasionally offer a cash back to returning customers or someone as a simple thank you for choosing us. If you or anyone else finds themselves in the position where someone is offering you a gift or cash to file a claim against your insurance  think twice and call us @ 727-412-4199 or your insurance company directly..