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Car Windshield Replacement – Can A Car Dealership Replace Windscreens?


Many car owners do wonder if a car dealership can perform car repairs. Well, the answer is YES, especially for a new vehicle. However, the truth is that there are no befits whatsoever of having your windshield replaced by a car dealer, compared to a glass specialist.

Car Dealer Windshield Replacements Service

Car dealers can replace broken or damaged windshields and windows, especially in new cars. A majority of them work specifically with OEM glass, which is ordered from the vehicle’s manufacturers.

Car Glass Specialist Windshield Replacement Service

When it comes to auto glass companies, they offer a wide range of services for vehicle owners. They not only install new windshields, replace rear and side windows, but repair cracked windows as well. The whole process is fast, especially when done in their shop. On the other hand, you can request for a mobile windshield replacement; where your car windshield can be replaced at home or workplace.

Who Should You Go For?

Well, the truth is that when it comes to choosing where to have your windshield replaced, there are few factors to consider. Examples include cost, convenience, efficiency, product quality, and of course customer service. Car glass specialists offer low process, convenience (through mobile replacement services), compatibility, and insured. Both the dealership and car glass shop services are comparable, with minor differences.

The Cost

According to market research, car dealers charge between $150 to $300, more than what car glass specialists offer. The cost applies to all cars and models; it does not matter if it is an economical vehicle or luxury.

Glass Type

The price difference between a car dealer and car glass shop is mostly because of the glass type. What does this mean? Well, car dealers use OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) specific parts, and the high price is used to cover the cost of the part. OEM windshield is produced by original car suppliers, and they are identical to those found in the car’s product line.

Whereas, on the other hand, car glass shops can either install OEM or aftermarket windshield. The customer is allowed to choose the one they prefer. In other words, they have a choice to go for the less expensive one. Remember, aftermarket glasses are designed to meet the same standards as the original OEM glasses.

Advanced Systems Compatibility

The main reason car manufacturers recommend using OEM windshield glasses is because of ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems compatibility). As such, it is wise to talk to your service provider about your concerns. Nevertheless, all proper systems functions should be guaranteed.

Insurance Coverage

Before replacing your windshield, go through your insurance policy to check if there are any restrictions. Many insurance policies require a car owner to replace windshield using OEM glass, for cars that are less than two years. For this reason, both the car dealer and car glass shop should be in a position to meet the requirements to guarantee full coverage.


This is a service that you will only get with a professional car glass repair shop, through their on-site mobile services. The convenience of the service helps customers save time. Call a glass specialist for your next windshield replacement.