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Can I get a windshield replacement if I don’t have insurance?

Can I get a windshield replacement if I don't have insurance?

Simply put: yes, you can. There’s absolutely nothing stopping you from replacing your windshield without insurance. But you have to take into account that you are going to have to put money down for it.

So, now you know, you can replace your windshield even if you don’t have insurance – but you’ll have to answer another question next: How much is that going to cost you? Before you decide to do this, you need to see whether you can fit a brand-new windshield in your budget. You should also learn the difference between replacing and repairing a windshield.

It’s important to remember that chips and cracks are rather common in windshields. Most car owners are bound to experience one of them at least once in their lifetime – but don’t worry! Fixing it is not as expensive as you might think.

How much money does it cost to replace my windshield?

There’s a problem when it comes to windshield replacement – or replacing anything car-related. Nobody can answer this question right away. The cost of replacing your windshield is entirely dependent on your vehicle.

Do not panic yet! Even though nobody can give you an exact answer without the make and model of your vehicle, you can get to know the possible price range. Most likely, getting your windshield replaced will cost $200 at best and $500 at worst. If you own a luxury car or happen to have a big windshield, you will face bigger costs.

You also have to consider something else: your windshield’s features will also drive the price up. Whether it’s tinting, rain sensors or visual displays – they all cost money. If you are on a budget, you might want to consider what to keep and what to drop.

Keep in mind safety measures will help you drive better – and in exchange, you might save some money in the future by having no car accidents down the line. It might be worth it to keep the safety-related features in your windshield no matter the cost.

To get an accurate quote, keep your VIN available – that will cover all features you currently have in your windshield.

A windshield replacement isn’t as expensive as you think – and it’s nowhere near what replacing something else in your car might cost. For example, a new transmission might cost up to $4000 without insurance. A $200-$500 range doesn’t seem that much in comparison.

Sometimes, this information might come in handy even if you have insurance. Some policies do not cover windshield repair – they’ll deal with replacement claims only, which they’ll fight tooth and nail to deny anyways

Are you in that situation? Contact your local First Class Auto for a consultation and a quote.

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