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All You Need to Know About Windshields

All You Need to Know About Windshields

You will find many options in windshields. However, all of them are not made equal. Therefore, you can expect some distinct features depending on the material. If you want to buy the best product for longevity and better efficiency, you will have to understand the material. You can trust First Class Auto since it has a good reputation for creating the best quality products. Your safety is our priority and we will always try to create a safe solution for all our customers.

What Are the Materials?

When it comes to the material, windshield glass components will include soda ash (Na2 CO3), silica sand (SiO2) and dolomite ((CaMg)(CO3)2), cullet, and limestone (CaCO3). In some rare conditions, they might add aluminum oxide and potassium oxide. All these ingredients will be combined with water and then will be heated using a high temperature to create glass. The process of producing the glass is known as the chemical fusion since all the components will be fused together to create the end product.

Windshield Glass Vs Other Glass

The windshield of a vehicle is called safety glass. The importance, size, and usage purpose give it this name. These glasses are mostly referred to as the laminated glass. For the production of the lamination glasses, two pieces will be laminated with a vinyl thin layer between them. These three pieces will be combined by using pressure and heat in an oven known as the autoclave. This process is used since it can offer the highest level of security in the condition of an accident or crash. When the accident will happen, the glass will not shatter. Instead, it will adhere to the center layer of the third component, vinyl. In minor accidents, crack or chip might be experienced on the top layer. In all these conditions, the driver will be safe.

The next is tempered glass. This glass is made by a different process. It is made with astronomical temperature heating. This process will make the glass stronger than the non-tempered glass. However, the glass will break into pieces around the rock salt size if an accident happens. The small sizes of broken glasses will not cause much harm to the driver and passengers.

OEM Windshields

If you are interested to replace your windshield, you should confirm with auto glass technicians that they are using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) windshield. If they are using original equipment replacement windshields, you can expect a top-quality product. When it comes to the appearance, they will look like the original glass of your car.

With First Class Auto, you can expect only OEE or OEM glass. Both these are the best options for windshield replacement. Also, these windshields will offer a perfect fit as it designed keeping your model and manufacturing in mind. If you are looking for a reliable service for the windshield replacement or repair, you can contact your local branch. We can answer all your queries. With a well-informed mind, you can make the right decision to ensure the utmost security of you as well as your family when you are in the middle of the road.